About Us

Welcome to Anderhost

Providing premium web hosting solutions
At Anderhost, we understand that a robust and reliable web hosting service is the backbone of a successful online presence. Our mission is to empower your online success by provide premium web hosting solutions that cater to both professionals and businesses. We believe that quality hosting should be accessible, which is why we offer our top-tier services at an affordable price.

Anderhost is dedicated to pioneering the future of web hosting. Our vision is to set new benchmarks in hosting performance and reliability, ensuring that businesses and individuals can effortlessly establish a robust online presence with cutting-edge technology in an affordable manner.


Anderhost started as a small team with big aspirations. Our continued growth as a leading hosting provider is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. Each step of our journey reflects our understanding of customer needs and our passion for delivering the best hosting solutions.


Our mission is to empower your online success. At Anderhost, we offer high-quality, reliable hosting solutions tailored to diverse needs. We aim to support each customer in achieving their digital aspirations, making us more than just a provider, but a partner in your online journey.

Our Founders

Learn a bit about the founders of Anderhost, their experiance in the industry and a little about their vision for Anderhost moving forward into 2024 and beyond. 
Richard Anderson
Richard Anderson of Anderhost
Richard Anderson, with over 15 years in the hosting industry, is the driving force behind our company. His extensive experience spans from managing startups to established hosting providers.

Richard's expertise covers not just the operational aspects but also technical realms like server management and customer support. Additionally, as a skilled software architect and developer, he brings innovative solutions to our hosting services, ensuring we offer top-tier, cutting-edge hosting experiences.
Callum Kerr
Callum Kerr of Anderhost
Callum Kerr, with almost 7 years of experiance managing effective support teams, brings a wealth of experience in technical server management and customer support to our hosting company.

Callum's background includes managing support teams at major tech firms and expertise in managing cPanel and DirectAdmin servers, making him a pivotal asset in ensuring our hosting services are both technologically advanced and customer-centric.